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About Us: was founded in the summer of 2008 as a free database for assisting individuals with their relationship dating needs. Originally a small collection of love poems, romantic ideas, and random tips, Relationship-Buddy has been growing quickly towards becoming an authority for all facets of dating and relationships.

Our mission is to help you build and maintain the best relationships possible - regardless of your age, sex, and nationality.

Throughout the hundreds of pages on Relationship-Buddy, you have exclusive access to literally thousands of romantic date ideas, daily love horoscopes, our relationship advice column, dating tips for guys and girls, hundreds of nickname listings, hundreds of printables and love coupons, thousands of pick up lines, free contests and much more.

A large part of our content is focused on interactivity and thus we encourage you, our loyal readers, to submit your own content to the site - whether it be poems, articles, or general comments. With your help we will offer the best content online concerning the topics that you want to know about.

Keep your eyes and ears open because the official Relationship-Buddy Newsletter will begin circulation sometime next quarter!

All information on Relationship-Buddy is meant to be utilized as just that. Do not take everything (horoscopes, quizzes, tests, etc) as factual.

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