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Our relationship problem advice section is here to help you handle the "problem-solving" sword without poking anyone's eye out.

Relationships have the power to make us feel happy, proud, confident and secure. But, the blade has two sides - with the dangers usually hidden. If you keep your eyes and ears open, you should be able to spot the warning signs.

Depression, self-doubt, isolation, bitterness: they are all typical results of nasty problems that every relationship has the potential of developing.

These problems include (but are far from limited to):

broken heart

Abuse (physical, emotional, or mental)



Drug addictions





Spiritual intolerance

The possibilities are (unfortunately) endless, but the results aren't...

Someone's heart always gets broken.

relationship problem advice

Broken hearts are not to be taken lightly.

Usually they only result in the familiar pain that we have all felt - a deep ache and feeling of emptiness.

But sometimes the state of mind and feelings that the victim experiences can easily lead to drastic measures.

Although, often the victim seeks relationship problem advice, finds a support network and successfully deals with their "boyfriend problems" or "girlfriend trouble".

Other times the dangerous cycle can begin when a victim turns only to the harming individual for help...

Leading to the "I'll never do it again" game. You are hurt and then aided by them - just to be hurt again.

If you are a victim of dating violence, you need to seek immediate help. It is the same if you are in a physically abusive relationship, you must leave or get your partner in therapy. Abuse of that nature cannot be solved on your own.

It is important to understand that being a victim of abusive relationships is not limited by your age or sex. Male, female, young, or old... relationship problems yield to no demographic.


One of the most important things to remember when you are in a troubled relationship is that...

You are not alone.

Someone can always help.

Whether it is physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual abuse against you or themselves, if you do nothing, you can expect nothing to change. In fact, expect things to get worse. couple hugging

But, if you recognize that the problem exists, strive to understand it, seek relevant relationship problem advice, and deal with it appropriately, you and your partner will have a much better chance at working through your issues and building a stronger love relationship.

Below is a wide array of articles on relationship problem advice that span many different topics. Try to take in a little information at a time, sharing what you learn with your partner.

As the saying goes, "It takes two."

Relationship Problem Advice Articles:

Abusive Relationships: The Warning Signs
Are you or someone you know in abusive relationships? One of the easiest ways to know is by knowing and recognizing the warning signs. Check out our 10 warning signs right here.

Signs of Cheating that Predict If YOU Will Be Cheated On
Worried about getting cheated on? Maybe just Curious? With our analysis of signs of cheating, we can give you an accurate projection of your odds.

Gold Digger? YOUR Partner? Here Are The 10 Warning Signs.
The thought is undoubtedly chilling, that your partner has been tricking you with fake emotions and using you only for their own gain. Here are the warning signs of a Gold Digger.

My Partner Is a Liar Liar! We Have The Solution for You!
Everyone tells white lies now and then, but if your partner is taking it to the extreme and risking your relationship, it's time you read our solution for your little Liar Liar before it's too late.

Internet Cheating: Welcome to the 21st Century
Internet cheating (aka online cheating) is a real threat to almost every relationship in today's day and age. Read on to learn more about it and how you can act to end it before it starts.

Unhealthy Relationships - Are You In One?
Do you feel like you are about to suffocate? Does it feel like you cant breathe? You may be in a bad relationship. Find out everything you need to know about unhealthy relationships here.

Symptoms of Depression: Info, Signs, and Help for You and Your Partner
Depression is a very serious condition. Read about the symptoms of depression and get infomation that could save a relationship or even a life.

The Relationship Problem: Jealousy
A major relationship problem that occurs all around the world is jealousy. Learn all about this nasty love triangle that can ruin your relationship.

We're Moving In Together
Moving in together is a big step in relationship dating with many dangers. Do not do it until you have read this useful article.

Personal Time: Solving a Major Problem
Personal time may not appear to be a major factor in dating. But if you want to succeed, you need to follow this relationship problem advice.

Meeting Your Partner's Kids
When a woman has kids from a previous relationship there is no denying it: you must know these tips!

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