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We want to be interactive with our readers.

At Relationship-Buddy, we pride ourselves on our level of interaction with others.

Who are these "others" we speak of?

None other than YOU, of course - our faithful readers from all around the world.

We have wide range of tools, content, and applications that have been created with you in mind - for your convenience and pleasure.

Most relationship dating websites offer articles - plain, old, black and white articles. While some people are accepting of such static content (READ: or lack thereof), other people find these types of websites are monotonous and boring - we recognized this issue and decided that something just had to be done sooner instead of later.


...And just like that the section of "Interact Now" was born.

The section offers you, our great readers, an opportunity to get involved - to do more than just move your eyes left to right reading word after word. It grants you the ability to get in the action: to participate, to ask questions, to get answers, to speak out and to be heard.

Our involving features include:

Additionally, we offer a fast comment updating kiosk on most of our pages - this means that you can tell us what you think, discuss with others how you feel, and announce to the world your opinions about anything involving the world of relationship dating.

The list doesn't stop there! Our staff is constantly brainstorming on new ways to bring you a more memorable experience at Relationship-Buddy; to bring you the best experience around - and that is exactly what we plan to do.

Get Interactive!

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