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So you want a little extra boost behind your flirting/pick up skills with pick up lines or How-to's?

Whether you are a guy or a girl, today is your day because we have all the stuff you'll need to improve your current abilities to a whole new level.

The Lines

Some people scoff if you merely mention the phrase "pick up lines".

preying mantis Others claim that studying and using them are similar to being some sort of predator...

But who hasn't said "Hi, what's your name?" to a person of the opposite sex at one point or another?

It is simply a tool of introducing yourself to someone in a manner that indicates your interest.

Everyone uses pick up lines, but not everyone use them effectively.

So remember that there's nothing wrong with using
a couple funny pickup lines or even cheesy pickup lines every now and then.


Instead of learning just what to say, maybe you want more instruction. We have created heaps of specific How-to's in order to fulfill that exact need.

Women, do you ever wish you knew easier ways on how to get a boyfriend or how to attract men?

Men, trying to find excellent methods on how to get a girlfriend or how to seduce women?

...No problem.

thinking Male or female, young or old, you will find our straight forward How-to's extremely helpful.

They include topics like:
- How to get a boyfriend
- How to get a girlfriend
- How to attract men
- How to attract girls
- How to blog

...and plenty more!

Below you will find a great selection of everything discussed above plus much more. We like to OVERdeliver content and that is just what we'll do.

While partnered with Relationship-Buddy, your relationship dating life can do nothing but improve.

couple kissing

Read and absorb the material at your own pace, but remember to check back often because new material is always being added!



How To Get A Girlfriend
Tired of being single? Ready for a relationship? It's time for a change and we'll show you how to do it in our How To Get A Girlfriend guide!

How To Get A Boyfriend
Do you wish you had a boyfriend, but just haven't had any luck so far? Don't be helpless, take action! Our How To Get A Boyfriend guide will head you in the right direction.

How to Blog: Improving Yourself, Relationships and Communication
Blogging is extrememly popular these days. Benefit from it by learning how to blog while improving yourself and your relationships.

How to Dress for Your Date.
Stop wondering how to dress and finally be able to get dressed. Let us guide you!

How to Get Over the Break Up - Our Break Up Advice
Once a relationship break up occurs, there is always hurt. Check out our break up advice for getting over break up woes.

How to Enhance Libido in a Relationship
Sometimes things get dull in a relationship or it just isn't as passionate as it should be. This how-to will give you all the tips on libido enhancement for relationships.

How To: Moving In Together
Moving in together is a big step in relationship dating. Do not proceed until you have read this amazing guide.

How to use Wingmen
Wingmen are great tools to use in dating especially at the dance club. Get all your needed tips right here.

How to Distinguish Love from X
In this guide, you get a lesson on how to tell the difference between what love is and what other feelings it could be confused for.

How to Solve Casual Relationships
Learn how to make your relationship transition from just casual to a full-length serious connection.

How to Get Back in a Relationship
Getting back in a relationship again can be pretty complex, it will greatly improve the odds of success if you follow this How-to.

Pick Up Lines

Cheesy Pickup Lines: 350 of The Cheesiest!
Sit back and take a load off with our cheesy lines. You will be thrilled to know that we have 350 of the cheesiest right here!

350 MORE Cheesy PickUp Lines!
This is a gathering of 350 MORE cheesy lines for you to enjoy in addition to the other 350 on site. Things just got a whole lot cheesier!

Funny Pickup Lines. 350 Lines that You Gotta Read.
Sometimes you need funny lines just to break the ice and this is where you will get the funniest!

340 MORE Funny PickUp Lines!
This is a collection of 340 funny lines for you to crack up at. If our first 350 funny lines weren't enough, here's 340 MORE laughs!

Dirty PickUp Lines. Top 100 Of The Dirtiest!
Here is our collection of the dirtiest of dirty lines around. For those 18 years and older!

Sweet PickUp Lines.
Looking for sweet lines? Get tons of pick up lines here!

Cute PickUp Lines for You!
In need of cute lines right now? Get them all at Relationship-Buddy!

Hilarious Pickup Lines that Work!
Need some good, hilarious lines? Come on ever and get your fill of them!

Flirting - Signs and Signals
Get all the inside tips and how-to advice for flirting effectively while giving the right signals.

Tips on Popping the Question
If you want advice on how to pop the question, this article is for you!

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