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The Only Free Dating Websites that
You will Ever Need.

We have all seen the advertisements "Free Personals" or "Absolutely free dating websites" but soon after - we're hit with the charges/fees.

We're sick of searching and bet that you are to, so we decided to create a solution.

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Instead of having no choice but to battle search engines and hand pick through thousands of possible websites...

We are going to save your valuable time and provide you with our created directory of the true free dating websites.

We have collected and compiled information from a wide array of personals sites and genres.

How wide of an array?

Some of the sites/genres included in our directory are: aol personals, craigslist personals, PlentyOfFish, plus size personals, free phone personals, Japanese personals, prison personals and married personals.

Also, you will be able to find information on the popular subscription services as well (including: e Harmony,, and tango personals).

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With Relationship-Buddy assisting you with your free dating websites quest...

You will never feel alone, overwhelmed or lost again.

A good habit for success is to to have an idea about what type of service you are searching for prior to looking through our listings.

Do you want to use a completely free dating service or are you willing to pay a subscription for those that offer premium relationship dating services?

Are you only interested in a certain type of race/religion or do you want to be able to search through a larger, more diverse, pool of individuals?

If you do this first, then you will leave feeling satisfied and certain that you have found the right website. You will already be ahead of most online daters today.

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But, as with all great adventures, the only way to begin is with the first footstep...

...and you have already taken that step by finding our directory.

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Below you will find a fantastic collection of free websites and subscription websites.

By clicking on a specific selection, you will be provided a wealth of knowledge about that specific genre or website.

Good Luck!

In addition to the great sites listed above, you may be able to find relevant information within the following directories:Dmegs Directory and Data Recovery

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