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If you're thirsty for relationship poems, the best love poems, relationship quotes, short love poems, or break up poems - get ready to quench that thirst.

Sometimes all we really need in today's stressful world is to sit down and rest our mind and souls. One of the best ways for you to achieve this is through active relaxation instead of engaging in passive relaxation.

What's the difference?

Active Relaxation is performing a soothing activity in order to free yourself from life's worries - such as reading or writing poetry.

relationship poems

Passive Relaxation is doing nothing in order to escape from life's worries - such as sleeping.

Poetry can be much more than just a hobby for yourself, enjoying relationship poems or quotes with your partner can become a past time that the both of you can share together.

It doesn't matter if you are just beginning a new relationship and searching for short love poems or if you are just leaving a union and choose to indulge in break up poems...

music notes
...the fact that absorbing the material is therapeutic in general.

Similar to how a fine classical piece is music to the ears, poetry is music to the heart.

Do you create your own romantic poems or love quotes?

We all have at one time or another - even if we choose not to write them out on paper.

That's right, you are a poet!

pencil Relationship-Buddy features an opportunity for you to become involved within our Poems and Quotes section.

If you submit your poem and its chosen, it will be displayed for all to admire and enjoy for an entire week under our "Poem of the Week" category.

Below you will find an entire library of the best love poems, short love poems, break up poems, relationship quotes, and love quotes.

Enjoy reading them by yourself or with someone special.

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Remember to check back often as content is always being updated and added!

Submit YOUR Poems and/or quotes here!
If you write or have a relationship related poem/quote, please share it with us here. Your work may be chosen as the "Poem of the Week!"

Best Love Poems and Quotes
Romance is in the air with our best love poems, famous love quotes, wedding love poems, etc. Enjoy our huge selection!

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