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Your hunt is over. The best source for romantic date ideas is at your fingertips. Soon you will be so filled with creative dating ideas, you won't be able to help but share them with others.

How many ideas do we have? Hundreds. In fact, if you went on one of our dates each and every week, it would take you over 6 YEARS to go through them all.

Why are fresh and romantic date ideas important? Read on to find out...

It happens in relationship dating everyday - in every country and in every city. Boyfriends and girlfriends fall victim to it suddenly, knocking them right on their butt. Where they roll, scream, and yawn.


Yes, the evil villain in this story is none other than "Mr. Routine" himself: BOREDOM.

He slowly creeps between the partners in a relationship and whacks Cupid right over the head...

Sucking the passion, adventure, and excitement clean out...

Leaving the relationship in a stale shell of its former self.

Alas, fear not. There is a very simple and easy way to combat this devil. Well, there isn't any one single way of saying it, it is more of an overall concept...

Stay creative. Be romantic. Go out often. Have fun. Be yourselves.

"Hey, we go to the movies every weekend!" You say?

Ehhh. Wrong. Ding. Try again next time.

romantic date ideas

So what can you do to wake Cupid up?

How can you treat your partner to a revitalized relationship?

Keeping the fire lit in a relationship takes effort, more than just searching for a "100 free dating" whatever website. When coming up with creative dating ideas you need to think outside your "comfort box".

What's a "comfort box" activity and what does it have to do with romantic date ideas? It is any activity you perform together often throughout the relationship and you feel completely comfortable doing it.

Rock climbing is outside most people's comfort box, as is white-water rafting. For some merely riding a bicycle or taking dancing lessons will be outside their comfort box.

Neither of you will remember the details from last month's movie date, but I bet that the both of you would remember the details from sky diving 5 years ago.

Being creative also means finding romantic date ideas within seemingly unromantic areas. Let's say baseball...

Rarely will a partner will get warm and fuzzy inside when asked "Hey, want to go play a little ball?"

But, imagine you make lemonade together and head down to the park right before sunset.

baseball glove
Taking turns hitting soft underhand pitches, you take a break to sit and drink your lemonade while wrapped in each others arms, watching the sun set.

You would both remember the moment for a long time.

Romantic date ideas do not have to be flowers at an Italian restaurant. It just has to be a fresh moment that the both of you share together.

Below you will find a huge amount of first date ideas, creative dating ideas, romantic dating ideas, cheap good date ideas (there is nothing wrong with being on a budget) and much more to improve upon your relationship dating.

dating couple

Enjoy them and make them your own. Share the ideas with your friends but share the moments with your partner.

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