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Hello men, and welcome to the dating tips for guys section. Every letter in this section was written FYBY. What does that mean? It means that every ounce of advice was created For You and By You.

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You are here to learn - to improve - to achieve and after reading through the following articles, we know that you will begin to see your dating game... a whole new light!

Read on to get a glimpse into the world of successful dating.

Never able to land that second date? Need advice on dating older women? Find out what girls want. Stop asking "What do women want?" and start revealing the answer.

Dating tips for teens will tend to be (at least) slightly different than dating tips for adults. Why? Because what girls want from you is usually not the same as what women want. That's right, it's really not that simple to understand women today.

But, that is fine with us and will be just as fine with you because... magnifier glass

It is just a matter of knowing what type of female you are dealing with.

There is only one way to begin your journey and that is to simply begin. Below is a library of articles, How-to's, and dating tips for guys. Find one that interests you, or start at the top and read them all.

Your adventure starts now...

Dating Tips for Guys Articles:

What Are the Differences Between Girls and Women?
Having problems with females? The first step is to understand women, girls and the differences between them.

What Girls Want - Get the Truth from Us!
Finally get the real scoop on what girls want and demand from men.

What Do Women Want? Find out here!
The world never gets tired of asking what do women want. It is time you find out.

What Exactly is the Friend Zone? Am I in It?
Check this out to understand what exactly the friend zone is and how it can affect you.

Avoiding the Friend Zone...
It can stop anyone's romantic ambitions dead in their tracks. Learn about how to avoid the friend zone here!

How Asking for a Favor Can Help You...
Wondering how requesting a favor can be related to dating tips for guys? Check it out.

The Dating To Do List -- What's YOURS?
Everyone has a different to do list before his or her dates. The important thing is to know what YOURS is.

Building Self Confidence: The Right Way.
One of the most important assets a person can have today is confidence. In this article we are going to show you the best say of building self confidence and keeping it.

Keep It Simple - A Modern Dating Guide
In these times you really need to remember one main thing when it comes to relationship dating: keep it simple. A fantastic addition to our dating tips for guys.

The Date Conversation: What To Talk About and What To Avoid Part 1
The importance of the date conversation is obvious, but how and what to discuss may get a little tricky in relationship dating. Let us lead you to success.

Art of Conversation - The Date Conversation Part 2
Knowing the art of conversation is very important in relationship dating. Check out our view in this article on date conversation.

On the Rebound Relationship - Why Rebound Dating is Bad
In this dating tips for guys article on the rebound relationship, you will learn about the natural dangers and risks involved with the venture.

On Rebound Relationships - Why Rebound Dating is Bad (Part 2)
In part two of the series on rebound relationships, you will learn more dangers that are always around the corner.

Guy's Break Up Advice - Getting Over the Break Up
Once a relationship break up occurs, there is always hurt. Check out our break up advice for getting over break up woes.

An Officer And A Gentleman
It is never too late to be her knight in shining armor. It is never to late to be an officer and a gentleman to your significant other.

Dating Secrets: Getting a Number
There are many dating secrets in our online dating tips section, this one is dating techniques on what to do to get girls number.

Mens Clothing: What to Wear
Mens clothing can be a tricky thing especially when trying to figure out what to wear on a date. This article is your solution.

New Relationship: Revisited
A new relationship is an adventure for everyone, but when it comes time for you to meet the parents, you may be a little more anxious than exited. This article will help you.

Tips on Popping the Question
If you want advice on how to pop the question, this article is for you!

Casual Relationships - Making It Serious!
This guide explains how to make casual relationships more serious and move it towards long term romance.

Wingmen Guide
Wingmen are great tools to use in relationship dating especially at the club. Get all your needed advice here.

Looking for a Girlfriend
This article looks at effective methods of looking for a girlfriend and getting results.

Distinguishing Love from X
In this guide, you get a lesson on how to tell the difference between what love is and what other feelings it could be confused for.

Meeting the Friends
Meeting the friends of a girl that you are interested in can have a major role in if you are accepted or rejected -- get the scoop and tips here.

Meeting Your Partner's Kids
When a woman has kids from a previous relationship there is no denying it: you must know these tips!

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