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In the quest to find a girlfriend there are many obstacles to finding someone and establishing a dating relationship. One of the big ones is that it is not possible to see if someone has a boyfriend just by looking at them. Even more potentially irritating is that even when talking to someone in a social context it still may not be obvious if a girl has a boyfriend.

If a girl feels secure in her relationship and is mature about it then she will not feel the need to slip in references to her boyfriend in every second sentence. This can lead to a situation when a guy spends some time chatting to a girl, establishes a real rapport with her and even feels that they might have a chance if he asked this girl out.

...This can be taking place in a single conversation or even over the course of several meetings. However, it all comes to a screeching halt when the boyfriend gets mentioned or even worse when the guy decides to take a chance and ask the girl out.

There is a way that this can be avoided and it does not go against the "meeting the friends" article. Apart from when you meet a total stranger out of the blue they will often be a friend of a friend or at least a friend of an acquaintance. If a man is trying to cast his net to see about finding a girlfriend then these people can save you a lot of wasted time, effort and money too. They also reduce the chance of the "gee, sorry there is this guy I am already going out with" situation. In a way you could call this market research, just like a good salesman or businessman tries to get a fair idea how his product will go down.

Asking someone you know who knows your intended target if the person already has a boyfriend sounds really obvious but you have to do it right. Only your target should have the right to reject you and nobody else. If your question is "does that girl have a boyfriend?" then it clearly points out that you are interested and the target and it can spoil all the subtlety of your approach. The difference may seem subtle but to instead ask this way - "that girl, what was her boyfriends name again?" or "That girl, she's going out with Steve, right?"(pick the name of a male friend she seems close to) this way you will cover your interest and the beauty of asking this way is that if the girl is single the person will likely not be able to contain themselves in correcting your foolish mistake. (It is a trick commonly used by private detectives to get people to slip up and give out information by accident.)

If you have only just recently met the girl you could make a minor slip on the girls surname or swap 'Christine' for 'Christina' or vice versa. This extra slip (so long as it doesn’t make it unclear who you are asking about) will make this little verbal trap even more effective. This avoids the danger that the person you are asking has their own agenda - perhaps they are annoyed with the target, perhaps they don’t think you are good enough for the target, they might know someone else who is already interested or are interested themselves. Whatever the reason they may have for wanting to put you off the target this approach is a way of avoiding them seeing you as a potential suitor.

After all, who would suspect someone who already thought the girl already had a boyfriend or even is so casual as to get their name wrong?

In conclusion, doing a little bit of subtle market research ahead of making advances can save a lot of embarrassment. It can also save time on needless trips to the friend zone. This technique does not serve to guarantee success with your intended target but at least will reduce the chance of you being sabotaged or misled in your assessment of a potential girlfriend.

An article composed by Richard Ford

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