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What more could we be possibly talking about?

As a website about relationship dating, we already have sections for interaction, dating, relationships, ideas, and poems...

What else could there be?

Our answer: Plenty!


Do you watch TV? Do you enjoy it? We thought so.

Stop by our Television section and learn all the juicy details about your favorite reality shows and TV personalities.

Looking for someone? At some point in all of our lives we wonder, "what ever happened to {Insert Name Here}". Well, with our Free People Search feature, we offer you the best information towards finding exactly who you are seeking.

Personal Directories: there is no shortage of these on the internet. From the major multi-million dollar enterprises to the small niche directories with only a hand full of members, you can get the honest scoop from us!

Yahoo Dating: the largest website on the internet today with over 1.5 billion visitors a year. Don't you think that their dating service would be a little bit of a big deal? We do.

These are just a taste of what Relationship-Buddy has in store for you. Be sure to explore and check back often because fresh new content is created daily.

We aim to bring you the most complete experience online when it comes to relationship dating. If you have any ideas or suggestions feel free to send them our way via the Contact form - we're listening.

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