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Nicknames? Are they really important enough to have their own section on Relationship-Buddy?


It's a question many have asked and you may be wondering yourself.

The best way to find the answer is by looking at the brief conversations below:

Convo A.

Boy: Hey, Babe, how's your day going?

Girl: Pretty good. I'm getting tired though. How are you doing today, Love?


Boy: Alright, well, I gotta run. I'll see you later, Sweetie.

Girl: Can't wait. See you then, Handsome.

Convo B.

Boy: Hello, Jane. How is your day going?

Girl: Pretty good. I'm getting tired though. How are you doing today, Earl?


Boy: Alright, well, I gotta run. I'll see you later, Jane.

Girl: Can't wait. See you then, Earl.

flower arrangement If you had to put your money on which one of the above conversations took place between lovers, I think 99.999% of you would have won the bet by choosing Convo A.

The two dialogues result in very different feelings and mental images, don't they?

You may have pictured the first conversation as a sweet phone call taking place between two lovers, while, on the other hand, Convo B felt like a conversation between co-workers on lunch break.

Is it strange that these two examples can have such different meanings while at the same time be so extremely similar in structure and content? What led to one feeling warm and romantic while the other felt cold and mechanical?

Well, there is only one difference between them:

Convo A uses nicknames and Convo B doesn't.

Considering this, you need not waste your time considering if they are (or arenít) a very important part of relationship dating... they ARE!

Nor, will you need to wonder if they deserve their own section on Relationship-Buddy... they DO!

business card
Using nicknames in a relationship helps to remind yourself, as well as your partner, what you mean to each other.

You aren't in a formal business relationship; you're in a romantic relationship!

Make sure you never forget that vital distinction.

There are no rules for picking from our name list and using them - just keep them nice and sweet. These names aren't "first names", so feel free to pick out more than just one - call your partner as many as you like. Heck, you could pick out 52 different names and use a different one each week for a year!

The popularity of a specific name isn't important. There is no such thing as a cliche' name. Even if there were 1,000,000 people labeled "sweetie" - YOUR context, YOUR style, YOUR feelings, and YOUR relationship will make the name uniquely YOURS every time.

making out Below is our nicknames list with over 850 unique names. It is divided into sections for your convenience.

The list includes:

-romantic names
-cute names
-funny names
-boyfriend names
-and more!

Take your time and explore them all!

Make sure to check back often for updates and additions to our giant list.

Complete Name List A-Z: Over 850 Unique Names On 1 Nicknames List
With over 850 different choices on our name list, you won't have problems finding the right choice. Relationship-Buddy has the best nicknames list solution!

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