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How To Get A Boyfriend

Welcome to the how-to for every person that ever wondered to themselves how to get a boyfriend.

Every girl dreams about finding Mr. Right at some point in their lives, but so far you haven't had any luck. You want to know how to get a boyfriend and that is just what we are here to discuss.

how to get a boyfriend Humans are meant to find union with other humans. When it feels like our bonds/relationships with other people are lacking (especially the major ones like romantic relationships), it can cause a lot of stress and anxiety.

You're in good company...

Almost everyone experiences these feelings at some point, the thing is to handle them actively instead of passively - and reading this article on how to get a boyfriend is a very good active start!

The first topic that needs touched upon whenever the issue of "how to get a boyfriend" comes up is the consideration of "what men want."

Every man is different than all other men, which means in addition to having a different physical appearance; they also have unique personalities, goals, attitudes, desires, and opinions.

small world You may wonder how with over 3 billion males on the earth today is it even possible to know "what men want?"


Fortunately, most men (try over 90%) all focus on the same aspects of a female when looking for a girlfriend.

These aspects are: physical appearance, personality, goals, motherly qualities, and "X".

(Note: While these attributes are also tied to the ideas on how to attract a man, the applications are somewhat different. You can read about How to attract a man here.)

Below is a pyramid structure that shows the main attributes that are important to the majority of men today. The lower parts of the pyramid hold more weight than the upper levels.

what men want

How did we figure this out? It is all calculated by taking into account the immediate importance of the specific attribute as well as the overall demand for it. (I.e. your physical appearance is realized typically before your "motherly qualities" are discovered; there is a higher demand for a woman with a good personality than there is a demand for a woman with set goals.)

Starting to make sense?

Let's explore each aspect and why it's important...

Physical appearance

If you want to know how to get a boyfriend, remember this attribute because it is usually the first thing a man notices about you. As harsh as it may sound, within a single quick glance, a man will know if you are potential "girlfriend material" or not. By looking your best - that is also how to attract a man.

Therefore, you should try to make sure that you keep a positive physical appearance when out and about; you never know when Mr. Right will pop up!


A man may think that you are beautiful, but if you have the personality of a sack of potatoes, don't expect to make him your boyfriend any time soon.

Compatible personalities serve as the route for the all important "inner connection." By being yourself, a decent human being - that is how to get a boyfriend.



Goals are important to everyone - yes, even guys.

Knowing what your personal goals are in life is very important when searching for a boyfriend.

What is the point in getting your hopes up about a man who plans on living in New York when you are positive you want to work in Los Angeles?

Know your goals. Know what you want. Figuring all these things out now will save you time and help you shorten the road to Mr. Right.

Mother Qualities

What boys want is a woman that displays the personal traits and characteristics that will make her a good mother one day. These include taking responsibility, being honest, being loyal, and nurturing.

If a man knows that he wants to start a family eventually and you are currently a carefree, swinging party-goer, you may have a hard time taking you and the thought of you as a girlfriend seriously.

How to get a boyfriend? Show him that you have the potential to be the mother of his children one day.


What boys want in a female is "x." ...Huh?

Let me explain... "X" is a way of saying "a sports fan" and "a Guns N Roses fan" and "a best friend." In other words, "x" is the concept that men want a woman that they can relate with.

So many boys love the idea of having a girlfriend that will watch and enjoy a football date with them; others want a girlfriend that listens to the same type of music.

The fine details are different, but the picture is the same: what men want is a girlfriend that they can be themselves with (which will eliminate the cause for many boyfriend problems).

So, you know what men want... Now how does this apply to improving your chances at finding your future boyfriend?

magnifier Easy.

Improve YOUR aspects. You don't need to "be someone you're not" or ignore your current roles in life.

Simply enhance and develop your existing characteristics into being more in line and compatible with what men want.

Below is a list of enhancements that you can make...


  • Strive to get/stay in shape. As hard as it may be for some of us to accomplish, having a good body and appearance is very important to finding a boyfriend. Men are sexually-oriented beings, if they don't find you sexually attractive, you will have a hard time getting their attention.
  • Keep a clean appearance (Style your hair. Paint your nails. Keep certain body regions shaved and smooth.)
  • You must maintain good hygiene. Brushing your teeth, using deodorant, and bathing often are the basics... Feel free to do extra like whitening your teeth.
  • Dress nicely. Dress like a female that is proud of her body, but don't take it to the extremes and wear "X-rated" outfits. While it may get you attention, you will make up for it with the loss of respect.


  • Be talkative and cheerful.
  • Have a good sense of humor and be ready to laugh at jokes that aren't really funny.
  • Be a simple, wholesome girl and leave the drama at home.


  • Start thinking about what you want from life.
  • What do you want to do for a career?
  • When do you want to start a family?
  • Do you even want a family?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • The answers to these types of questions will help you tell which guys you are wasting your time with and which ones have long-term potential.

Motherly Qualities:

  • Try your hardest to be kind and caring.
  • Work on being patient and understanding.
  • If a man tells you about his problems, listen and offer your advice.
  • Make him know that you are capable of offering support and not just another immature female.


happy couple
  • While you can't really account for this in a direct sense, you can indirectly enhance yourself by making sure that you have plenty of positive hobbies and favorite pastimes. If a man loves the outdoors, and your idea of a "outdoor" hobby is watching The Hills, you may find that he will be quickly turned off by you - expect boyfriend problems.
  • Start exploring life and all of the activities it has to offer you.

Taking in all of the above and actively working to make the mentioned enhancements will greatly improve your chances of finding an excellent boyfriend sooner instead of later. Eventually instead of asking how to get a boyfriend, your boyfriend problems will be asking yourself what gift to buy him for your anniversary!

Please remember though, you can't expect your future boyfriend to find you... You need to get out in the world and meet as many different potential males as possible... You need to find him!

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