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It may not sound like it but while meeting your new partner’s friends in relationship dating, you are riding a knife's edge between being uncaring and trying too hard.

Do not get too familiar too fast or in any way seem false in your friendliness. For the love of Pete do not be seem to be eyeing up their female friends - regardless of how they are dressed or how they appear to be acting. Not wishing to suggest that women play games with peoples heads but they may test you by being flirty to see if you are faithful.

Naturally you will be scrutinized to see if it looks like you are "a player", even if you show no sign of eyeing the girls. Be aware that her friends will be loyal to her first and you second (even the guys) so don’t assume that anything you say or do wont reach her ears.

It is a law of relationships that the impression you create when meeting a potential partner/early partner's friends will dictate a lot of their opinion on your relationship. This sounds like a trivial thing but look at it this way: If you and your girlfriend have any sort of argument and she is contemplating leaving you and resorts to turning to her friends for advice, would you rather her friends tell her not to be silly and to give you a second chance - or would you prefer them to encourage her to move on and never look back?

Making a good impression with the friends can make it the first scenario rather than the second one (especially considering the value of having them in your corner rather than them constantly hoping that you slip up so they can get you out of their friend’s life).

It is not mandatory to like them or share their interests but at the same time do not say anything to criticize them or their interests.

Just like in the Relationship-Buddy dating conversation article try not to express too radical or critical an opinion. If the friends love ultimate Frisbee and you think it is a sport intended for people who aren't "tough enough to play football" you could instead say how you did not have the coordination to play that but you envy people who are good at it. Despite your disregard for the sport you have paid them a compliment at the same time as getting you out of an invite to play.

Similarly, if you don’t care for their taste in movies feel free to disagree -- but do it softly... Say it is not really your thing and volunteer a film that is more to your liking, rather than mouthing off about how their favorite movie really sucked.

Finally if you do not like their taste in music,(even if you have a really strong dislike of the band they love) don't call them out about it.Think about it this way, people listen to their own choice of music because they enjoy it, respect that different people enjoy different music and it doesn’t make either of you wrong or bad for finding different things enjoyable.

In summary you only get one chance to make a first impression with both a new girlfriend and her friends too. It is better to have them as your own personal cheer squad rather than your harshest critics. Conclusion: It is more than worth your while in the long run to have her friends on your side than against you.

An article composed by Richard Ford

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