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Men can be so predictable at times, yet somehow remain to be just as puzzling. He gives signs of just wanting to be friends, but later shows signals of wanting more. Have you found yourself wondering what boys want or what men want? Is there a difference between those two questions?

How do you tell if a guy is looking for the real thing or just a one night stand?

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"A guy appears to be crazy about me one day, then doesn't call for a week. Why am I not getting a call from him? Should I contact him or wait for him to contact me? Am I moving too fast for a healthy relationship?"

What does it really mean when he says that he's "busy" for the next couple days?

It is no secret; the male sex can be a very mysterious thing.

The good news:

Man may be a mystery, but dating one doesn't have to be!

...Very good news, indeed. The purpose of our dating advice for women section is not to tell you how men are (although, that will be covered). No, the true purpose of this database is for you to improve yourself in order to more successfully date them - with the aim of eventually finding Mr. Right.

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Below you will find a large selection of articles, How-To's, and dating tips. From How To Get A Boyfriend to "How to dress for a date" to "Dating older men" - it's all covered.

While the amount of dating advice for women is large, it dwarfs in comparison to the value that the knowledge will hold in your love life.

Relax and let your journey begin...

Dating Advice for Women Articles:

What Boys Want - The Inside Scoop...
Girls all around the world desire to know what boys want. We're here to give you the inside scoop on what they are looking for.

What Men Want - The Mystery Has Been Solved!
You no longer need to give yourself a headache trying to figure out what men want. After reading this article, the case will be closed.

Why Doesn't He Call?
Put down the phone and stop checking the snwering machine. Learn why he doesn't call.

How to Dress for Your Date.
Stop wondering how to dress and finally be able to get dressed. Let us guide you!

Building a Healthy Relationship By Slowing Things Down.
Learn here about how a healthy relationship depends on going slow and understanding that "Less is More"... A must-read addition to our dating advice for women.

Online Dating Tips - What You Can Learn From Friends
One of the best online dating tips you can ever get is to learn how to learn more about your partner by the friends that he keeps.

How To Get A Boyfriend
Wish you had a boyfriend, but just can't seem to get it right? Don't be helpless, take action! Our How To Get A Boyfriend guide will head you in the right direction.

The Date Conversation: What To Talk About and What To Avoid Part 1
The importance of the date conversation is obvious, but how and what to discuss may get a little tricky in relationship dating. Let us lead you to success.

Art of Conversation - The Date Conversation Part 2
Knowing the art of conversation is very important in relationship dating. Check out our view in this article on date conversation.

Break Up Advice for Girls - Getting Over the Break Up
Once a relationship break up occurs, there is always hurt. Check out our break up advice for getting over break up woes.

Playing Hard to Get - A Dangerous Dating Tip
Playing hard to get is a common dating tip among women today, but do you know the risks involved? Find out about the interpersonal attraction risks here.

Dating Younger Men
Dating younger men appears to be pretty common these days, but it won't be easy and you may still take some heat. Read everything you need to know right here.

Looking for a Boyfriend
This dating advice for women provides great details how how to go about looking for a boyfriend in relationship dating.

Romantic Idea: Taking Initiative
If you need a romantic idea to get things heated up again, this excellent article on relationship dating discussing the importance of taking initiative.
Looking for a New Relationship - Or Just Signals
This dating advice for women article involves advice on searching for a new relationship or just seeking the signals of potential for one.
Flirting - Signs and Signals
Get all the inside tips and how-to advice for flirting effectively while giving the right signals.

Male Communication: Understand It NOW!
One of the most important factors for a couple to succeed in relationship dating is to grasp male communication.

Casual Relationships - Make It Serious!
This article explains how to make casual relationships more serious and move it towards long term romance.

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