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Get Your Ex Back – Make Up!

How to get your ex back now...

It's been awhile since your partner walked out on you, yet you still have to wake up and smell reality – nothing will change unless you take action.

Every day, you think of ways to get your ex back. You ask everyone you know for their advice and input. The outpouring of advice and support helps a little, but it is not getting the job done.

Everyone, it seems, is an expert on getting ex's back and they overload you with suggestions that run the gamut from the silly to straight crazy.

There are essentially two methods for success (only two, now that is easy to remember):

The first is that your partner will come back to you on their own.

get your ex back

Why would your partner suddenly want you back?

It may be due to her realizing that you are the right person for them. It may be due to the lackluster nature of her new single lifestyle (or new relationship).

Here are some common reasons:

  • The new partner is overly possessive or even abusive.
  • Your ex’s new partner actually have a partner of their own (karma anyone?).
  • The new partner is not what was expected.
  • The new partner is a cheater.
  • Your partner has gone through something catastrophic and needs a familiar support to help pick up the pieces.
  • Your ex can't function on their own or handle their own financial matters. She needs you to do it for her.

As you can see most of these reasons just aren’t that exciting are they?

“Yes, well, Susan came running back to me last week… She wanted me back so bad – because she can’t figure out how to pay her own utility bills.”

While it may get you what you want (your ex ), at what cost is it occurring?

The second method is much better - it works and it works often.

What is it?

Making up!

Making up with your partner can rekindle the feelings and emotions that once burned bright to an even stronger flame.

How do you go about making up to get your ex back?

Who else better to explain it than the man whom has helped over 6,100 People in 67 Countries re-unite?

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