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Mens Clothing: What to Wear

Why mens clothing? Elsewhere on Relationship-Buddy there is an article about what a girl should wear on a date, naturally men also have to spare a bit of thought to that all important decision on what to wear.

Now you know this is not a job interview, but it is a lot to do with the impression you create. Some of this may sound obvious but nonetheless is worth mentioning.

The really big reason to devote time to your outfit is that you want to create a good impression - your appearance should say that you care what your date thinks and therefore you think it only right to look nice for them.

mens clothing

You really do not want your casual clothes to say that you spend most of the day slouched on the sofa watching daytime TV and playing Playstation and then just dragged yourself out to meet them.

Avoid clothes pants, etc. that are too old, too worn or heaven forbid even dirty. However, there is the strong temptation to grab yourself a nice new outfit so you look good - a brand new shirt fresh out of the packet, some new trousers even a new pair of shoes or boots.

As strange as this advice may sound the brand spanking new outfit can work against you. True enough nice new looking mens clothes are very good, they look nice and can create a good outward impression.

Here's the catch though, if you are wearing boots that are so new that the leather is still stiff and is digging into your feet, your brand new shirt which hasn't even been softened by a laundry cycle is not as comfortable as it could be and those nice new jeans haven't been stretched appropriately in the places where maybe you need a bit of extra room.

All these little niggles will make you feel slightly physically uncomfortable, this will have a knock on effect that will harm the aura of confidence that you want to be exuding on your date. Even worse your date may incorrectly assume that it is them who is making you uncomfortable rather than your shoes, shirt or trousers - and that is definitely not an effect you want to cause.

What is needed is a compromise between wearing old casual clothes which may look a bit dog-eared but make you feel totally at ease and the uncomfortable new clothes. As overconfident as it may sound you could go to the trouble of buying a preemptive nice new outfit, wear it a bundle of times and put it through a few washes with plenty of fabric softener, wear the new boots around the house (to fast track this process you can wear hiking socks and even bind the areas of your feet where the boots dig into you with dressing strip during this process).

After you have broken in this nice new outfit you can make sure it is very nice and clean and put it on standby in your wardrobe. You can do this preparation before you have even found yourself a date as knowing you have an outfit that looks new, yet you feel totally comfortable in will only serve to boost your confidence.

Admittedly this mens clothing article on what to wear did focus on the example of a shirt, boots and jeans but the same can hold true for any new outfit that you are still to break in.

Admittedly that plan suggests that you only have one nice outfit in your wardrobe, simply having a nice selection of well cared for clothes that you feel comfortable in can work wonders in a dating situation. Also having a wide selection would allow you to pick a similar color or style to one you may have seen your date wearing regularly. As was said at the start a date is not a job interview, so a tie is usually not needed unless you happen to be going to a very fussy upmarket restaurant.

In summary you want to look like you have made an effort for your date when choosing your mens clothes, but don't do it at the price of your own comfort as it will knock your confidence and the confidence of your date.

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