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Creative Date Ideas: Traveling

Creative date ideas (specifically traveling dates) may take more planning, time, and (sometimes) money. Nevertheless, the joy and memories you'll share will be well worth the cost.

Give the fun date ideas below a shot:

Visit a beach on a sunny day

Plan and visit a hiking trail

Stay a weekend at a Bed and Breakfast Getaway

Take a tour of historic attractions

Take a Weekend Cruise

Schedule a Day Trip just for the two of you

Get your passports and visit Canada

Enjoy a Town or County Festival

Spend awhile in another city to explore

Visit the Mall of America

Take a weekend getaway - just riding the wind.

Visit each other's college

Explore each other's childhood hometowns

Have an overnight hotel date

Take a weekend camping trip

Make sure you check out our selection of first dates, intimate dates, active dates, holiday dates, and social dates too!

Get Interactive!

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